Computer games

The annual revenues of the computer games industry now exceed US$100 billion, making it the world’s largest entertainment industry by revenue. Often less well appreciated however is the wider significance of this industry including its importance in the development and introduction of new consumer devices and services, its leading techniques in user acquisition and retention and, increasingly, its cultural contribution.

We understand the way the industry works, the commercial norms of the deals involved and how laws and regulations apply to it. This enables us not only to provide industry relevant advice on specific issues and transactions, but also broader strategic commercial advice.

As the computer games industry has grown, so has the quantity and complexity of the laws and regulations involved, such as consumer protection, privacy, betting and gaming, and competition. We not only have specialists in all of these services but also an office in Brussels closely connected with legal, judicial and policy developments affecting the industry.

Our deep knowledge of the film, music and TV industries means that we’re well placed to advise on the increasing cross-overs and deals with these industries. Similarly, our finance team advises on loans and investments relating to computer game projects and the application of the UK tax reliefs available to the creative industries. Our expertise in IP and brand management makes us the ideal partner to protect and enforce IP rights in games.

Increasingly, we are involved in work relating to eSports, drawing on our long-standing expertise advising clients in the sports sector.

We provide the full range of legal services and also support computer game clients with corporate, litigation and employment matters.

We advise individuals and organisations from start-ups to global companies. In each case we look for flexible and effective ways of working together.