Media and technology businesses are shaped by their people. Attracting, recruiting and retaining those with the right mix of skills and experience can make all the difference. That involves a lot more than just knowing about the law - it also requires an understanding of the sector, an awareness of its customs and practices, and an insight into what does and doesn’t work at the coalface.

Our sector-focused approach means we know how media and technology businesses operate, what makes them tick and what it takes for them to succeed. As well as having a detailed understanding of the law, we also have a wealth of experience of how it applies to the contracts, customs and HR practices within these sectors.

That’s why many of the leading broadcasters, technology companies, film and TV studios, production companies, SVOD platforms, music businesses, games companies, sporting bodies, publishers and online betting companies regularly turn to us for advice on employment law.

We will offer you unparalleled support with the aim of ensuring you take a proactive rather than reactive strategy to HR compliance.  This includes a range of industry-specific services that will assist you and your team – such as our renowned Media and Technology Employment Law Handbooks and our tailored package of workshops and training sessions.

For more information on our fees for Employment Tribunal claims, please see here.