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Our differences make us stronger

There’s no such thing as a typical Wiggin person. We don’t hire people who dress or think a certain way; all we ask is – can you do the job, are you interesting, and do you have ideas?

This has resulted in the eclectic collection of enthusiastic people that is Wiggin today. Everybody has a passion outside their work. We’ve got musicians, graphic artists – even a successful novelist among our team.

This diversity is important because the sectors we work in are full of incredibly different people, and we want our staff to reflect that. We aim for a workforce that’s diverse in thought, perspective and experience because we believe they will give our clients more rounded, useful advice.

We’re proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion, and we aim for even more diversity within Wiggin in the years ahead. And it’s not just about who we hire, we also want more diversity in how we work. So we will encourage more flexibility in when and where we work, because people perform at their best in different ways.

Work takes up most of our waking lives, so it’s important to embrace our differences. If we had to try to be anything other than our own authentic selves, we wouldn’t enjoy it as much.