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Everyone at Wiggin feels a responsibility to the environment – now we’re acting collectively to achieve more effective results.

In 2019 Wiggin made a commitment to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2021.

To help achieve this challenge we commissioned sustainability consultants Carbon Footprint, a Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) accredited body to produce a report on our carbon footprint. The report showed us where we needed to reduce our environmental impact in terms of energy use, recycling and business travel.

We are delighted to announce that Wiggin has now confirmed arrangements to offset all of its 2019 and 2020 carbon emissions with the help of Carbon Footprint.

Wiggin will use its 2019 and 2020 carbon offset credits to support:

  • Carbon Footprints’ “UK Tree Planting + Protecting the Amazon” project, which will involve the planting of 470 trees in the UK; and
  • a REDD-verified Brazilian Amazon Verified Carbon Standard and Deforestation and Degradation project.

We will also be supporting Carbon Footprint’s Freedom Flight Prize, a competition open to manufacturers, researchers and inventors to design and create the world’s first carbon-free transatlantic flight.

Whilst we are pleased that Wiggin’s partnership with Carbon Footprint has helped us to achieve our commitment to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2021, we recognise carbon off-setting is not a panacea and we know there is more to do. This is just one aspect of the wider work that is underway to reduce the firm’s impact on the environment.

Everyone at Wiggin can help – whether that’s through cycle to work schemes, how much we travel for our jobs… even the containers we bring our lunch in.

We all know that the future of the environment is something we need to consider in everything we do and as a company that’s renowned for our visionary thought, we are excited at the prospect of considering new ideas to tackle this enormous challenge.