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We’re delighted to have entered into a partnership with the Roundhouse Trust to empower young, diverse entrepreneurs. The impact of Covid-19 risks leaving a generation of young people behind, and we know that the creative industries will be amongst the hardest hit.

We have a shared mission and ethos with the Roundhouse to transform the lives of thousands of young people.

Our partnership aims to provide the business skills, networks, and opportunities for young people to thrive, and to support the next generation of diverse talent into the widest range of opportunities that the creative industries have to offer.

We’ll be working with the Roundhouse young community, who will have the opportunity to offer fresh perspectives to our practice which we’ll use to broaden the horizons of our organisation, and as part of our commitment to embracing difference.

We’ll also offer our skills to the Roundhouse pro-bono and guide the next generation through a series of work experience schemes, mentoring opportunities, and volunteering.

We’re hugely excited to work with the Roundhouse to drive lasting change. Together, we’ll help build back the creative industries better.