Expertise Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is everywhere.

IP protects everything from your brand and creative content to your technology and even your communications.  It is in your products.  It protects your identity.  And it makes your day-to-day operations possible.

In short, IP is critical to your business, whatever your business – and in a digital world, IP has never been more important.

At Wiggin we understand business – and we understand how IP affects it.

We have an enviable breadth of experience across all intellectual property rights and can help you maximise the value of your important IP assets, whatever the situation. Whether it is managing your portfolio of brands, or understanding how best to protect your content or technology, our teams of specialists have the depth of expertise to help you.

We know you do not operate in a vacuum.  At some point, others will try to restrict your activities or will be using your creative assets to benefit themselves.  That is why we have a team of experienced, specialist IP litigators, who can help you navigate the most complex of IP disputes, and put your business back in the driving seat.

At Wiggin we know that you need more than high-quality legal analysis. We know that context is key. We understand the importance of your environment, and that it is our job to help you achieve your long-term business goals.  So our advice focuses on solutions that both solve your immediate issues and aligns your IP strategy with your broader business objectives.

In a digital world, IP is seamlessly connected to your entire business.  We think your legal advice should be too.

Strategic, customer focused and able to pivot easily from high level/big picture to detail.
Legal 500, 2021