Expertise Intellectual Property Transactions

No business operates in a vacuum and you choose your key commercial partners carefully to ensure your offering gets to right markets and in the right way. But you have to move fast, or the market will quickly pass you by.

We provide the expert counsel you need to protect and realise the full potential of your IP in all of your commercial relationships, without getting in the way of the deal.

Our commercial expertise extends across the full range of IP transactions, from early stage development agreements and rights acquisition, through promotion, commercialisation and distribution arrangements and, when the time is right, disposal.

At every stage, our dedication to understanding your business and – crucially – the value of your IP enables us to focus on the aspects of the deal that matter most to you.


Our extensive experience working in IP-rich industries over many years enables us to help you quickly identify and maximise opportunities, whilst steering clear of pitfalls. When the situation calls for it, we combine our technical IP expertise with support from other key practice areas such our competition (antitrust) law team, to make sure all the angles are covered.