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Technology disputes happen. Projects can become distressed, run over budget, or be significantly delayed. Hardware can go wrong, and software can fail, or fail to deliver. Data can be lost, corrupt or privacy lost. Licensing or funding of new technologies can run into difficulty. Termination may be considered, and a new deal or new supplier required.

Dispute management in these situations requires a broad team of technology lawyers working hand in hand with litigation experts. Early intervention, contract management, and dispute escalation skills are needed. We use our experience of the commercial and technical issues to help clients get their projects back on track or, where needed, get them a new deal.

We advise on scope redefinition, termination, injunctive relief, new procurement strategies, database protection & extraction, overselling claims, and consumer recalls. We work on expert determinations, arbitrations, adjudications and litigation and can assist when suppliers go through insolvency. Whatever issue you’re facing, we have the experience to help.

Our award winning IP team can also assist in online infringement issues and ISP defences, patent litigation, online and computer fraud, and domain names issues.

The team’s in-depth understanding of the industry that we operate in and their proactive and commercial approach and responsiveness in relation to any issues is outstanding.
Legal 500, 2021