Expertise Adtech

Advances in adtech are driving new approaches to customer targeting and brand engagement online – we’re here to help you with the legal challenges in a sector that’s changing fast.

The digital world creates endless opportunities for marketers but tighter advertising regulations, ever-evolving technologies and the need for data privacy create unique challenges too. Our adtech sector lawyers have market-leading experience of technology, advertising and data regulation to help you fully understand and exploit the opportunities that adtech presents.

Our work ranges from the challenges of curating user-generated content and influencing brand advocates, to understanding the latest advances in programmatic advertising and making the most of real-time bidding. Our data protection experts advise on the compliance strategies and broader data challenges such as applying the ePrivacy Directive and PECR.

We also help adtech companies thrive within this competitive and dynamic sector by identifying the right commercial and investment frameworks, developing their commercial models, and achieving growth, organically and through M&A.

Whatever your specific business, we work with you at every stage of the process to help you realise your objectives, protect your rights and ensure your business is successful.