Expertise Cyber Security

Cyber security incidents and data breaches have the potential to cause significant reputational damage, loss of consumer trust, substantial regulatory fines, damages claims, and loss of corporate value. Breaches are becoming so frequent that, practically speaking, they are inevitable. What matters most now is how you prepare for them and deal with them.

Assessing and preparing for threats against your company requires a deep understanding of your sector and what is of value to your organisation. Many of the most widely-reported breaches have focused on personal data but when you’re an IP rich business, unauthorised access to your assets can have just as great an impact.

Our experts are here to help you at every step – from assisting with your breach preparedness planning, protecting your intellectual property, managing you through an active breach, and supporting your remediation and compliance activities post-attack. We have the expertise to help you through any challenge.

Because we understand the media and technology environment better than any other law firm, you won’t need to spend hours explaining your industry’s quirks. For example, we know that content creation and digital businesses sometimes rely on ways of working that may be exploited from a cybercrime perspective. And the risks may be particularly serious because cyber-attacks can focus on accessing your highly valuable and confidential content. We’re equally well-versed in advising on the cross-regulatory issues that apply in the betting and gaming sector, and we have highly relevant and current experience of dealing with cross-border data breaches, including under the privacy and electronic communications regime applicable to breaches in the telecommunications industry.

We offer the full-range of legal services in relation to cyber security and data breach matters. Our reputation management specialists will ensure your business’s reputation is in the safest of hands, while our technology and data experts will guide you through the technical aspects of planning, breach management and remediation activities with ease. Our intellectual property and data teams work hand-in-hand on issues relating to infringements and our litigation team can step in where you need speedy injunctive relief or assistance with seeking remedies from those that have caused you harm.

Our extensive experience of working in this area has enabled us to create exceptional connections throughout the cybersecurity and data breach ecosystem, ensuring you also receive first-rate support when your requirements extend beyond legal services. We have long-standing relationships with leading specialist advisors such as cybersecurity solutions providers, IT security and forensics consultants, crisis PR experts, and surge capacity and other services providers with the expertise to rapidly assist you when you need it most. The strength of these relationships means we’re able to work together seamlessly to provide you with the support you need in even the most challenging circumstances.

If you need assistance or are experiencing a breach, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the contacts listed below.