Expertise Communications

The speed of telecoms innovation in recent years has been nothing short of astonishing. Ever more innovative services are appearing, exploiting advancements in digital infrastructure provision to meet the demands from business and consumers for more performance, content and efficiency. Regulators are looking closely at how operators manage information, the services they involve and the infrastructure supporting them. It’s more important than ever to obtain commercially astute legal and regulatory advice when operating in this field.

Our expert team has an unrivalled understanding of the communications sector, gained both in private practice and in-house at leading organisations.

We act for many of the largest global telecoms service providers, unified communications providers, infrastructure owners as well as communications regulators, governments and other industry participants. We have also acted on major investments in the sector, including for prospective investors, sponsors to carve-out InfraCo’s across the full range of digital infrastructure assets, infrastructure roll-out projects and significant telco wholesale and master services agreements in the UK, EU and beyond.

Our deep communications industry experience means we give our clients a unique perspective on the key issues in this space across the full spectrum of regulatory and commercial matters:

  • Market entry & product launch assessments
  • Net neutrality & roaming
  • Regulatory compliance & customer facing regulations
  • Cyber and network security & resilience
  • Lawful intercept & data retention
  • Deployment & roll-out models
  • Separation models
  • Network infrastructure access & interconnection
  • Fibre network construction & roll-out
  • Network sharing arrangements
  • Subsea cable and datacentre services
  • Mobile tower infrastructure services
  • Smart cities, connected cars and IoT
  • Network maintenance & monitoring
  • Infrastructure carve-outs

We’re adept at dealing with new and emerging technologies affecting the communications sector, such as encryption, software-defined wide-area network (SDWAN) and unified communications (UCaaS). We understand the growing convergence in areas such as telecoms and technology, finance, media or health services.

We also formally review global developments in this sector to help you with compliance and reduce the risk of costly and complex failures.

We have a global network of similar experts to ensure we can support you in any request around the world and provide a seamless experience for you, with our ability to ensure we map your needs. We also have a unique experience with telecoms and IoT regulations in the GCC region.

We can also assist you with complex regulatory and anti-trust disputes, both in the UK and elsewhere. We regularly advise on competition law issues within the telecoms sphere and regularly defend telcos in high profile investigations by competition authorities including the European Commission. We’ve got a great track record of success, including on claims in the hundreds of millions. We can even help you find funding solutions for these disputes and follow-on anti-trust cases, drawing on our experience of deploying the first ever UK funded litigation portfolio for a FTSE 20 player.