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Following publication of its combined evaluation roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment announcing a review of the Security of Network and Information Systems Directive (2016/1148/EU), the Commission has now launched a public consultation. The consultation aims to collect views on implementation of the NIS Directive and on the impact of potential future changes. The consultation will pose general questions designed to collect feedback from the general public and more technical questions targeting expert stakeholders.

The Commission says that, since its adoption, the NIS Directive has ensured that Member States are better prepared for cyber incidents and have increased their cooperation through the NIS Cooperation Group. It obliges companies that provide essential services in vital sectors, namely in energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructures, health, water supply and distribution and digital infrastructure, as well key digital service providers, such as search engines, cloud computing services or online marketplaces, to protect their information technology systems and report major cybersecurity incidents to national authorities.

The consultation is open until 2 October 2020 and seeks opinions and experiences from all interested stakeholders and citizens. To access the consultation, click here.