Insights European Commission launches consultation on safety of apps and other non-embedded software.

The Commission wants to hear from all those who develop and use apps and software that are not embedded in a physical object at the time of coming to market.

Only apps and non-embedded software that are downloadable on a device such as a personal computer, tablet or smartphone or accessible on a remote location (cloud) are covered by this consultation.

The Commission is asking if apps or other non-embedded software can pose safety risks and if they do pose any risks, what those risks are.  The Commission wants to know which sectors are most affected by safety problems and if people have already been affected by unsafe applications.

Commissioner Oettinger, in charge of the Digital Economy and Society, said: “Whenever a person downloads an app or software, they need to be sure that it won’t cause any damage, especially when it comes to health advice.  I invite everyone to participate in this public consultation and share their experience to see how far the app sector takes care of consumers’ safety”.

The Commission wants to hear from consumers, organisations, public bodies, and businesses across all sectors.

The consultation covers the safety of apps in areas not already addressed by sector-specific legislation, such as the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) or the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU), which include provisions on safety ensuring that equipment within their scope, if compliant, is safe.

The consultation runs until 15 September.  Following the evaluation process, the Commission will decide on next steps regarding the safety of apps and non-embedded software.  To access the consultation, click here.