Insights Data protection and privacy authorities from around the world publish open letter to video teleconferencing companies


Essentially, the letter is a reminder to video teleconferencing companies of their obligations to comply with the law and handle people’s information responsibly.

As one of the signatories, the ICO says that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a sharp uptake in the use of video teleconferencing software, increasing risks around the collection and use of personal information. The open letter provides video teleconferencing companies with principles to help them identify and address some of the key privacy risks, and better protect people’s personal information.

The open letter is signed by six authorities brought together through the Global Privacy Assembly’s International Enforcement Cooperation Working Group: the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, the Switzerland Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner and the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

The letter is for all video conferencing companies, but has also been sent directly to Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, House Party and Google. To access the letter, click here.