Content Distribution and Transmission

Today, the world’s biggest brands have the opportunity to entertain, engage, communicate and connect like never before. At Wiggin, we help those brands maximise the value and make the most of their audio-visual rights and assets, bringing legal and commercial expertise, insight and value to every transaction.

We understand the commercial realities and technical complexities of the content creation and distribution chain from end-to-end, so there’s rarely a challenge in this space that we haven’t seen, negotiated and closed before. It allows us to work with clients at every stage of the process, from advice on production or acquisition of content, to the subsequent branding, licensing and wholesaling across the spectrum of consumption models, platforms and devices and the technical transmission arrangements for the content signals and formats to the viewer.

As technological opportunities for new media continue to open up, we are working with clients to develop industry-leading services for clients in the digital entertainment space.