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Wiggin established Incopro to help our clients protect their rights and their consumers online using technology. Incopro has since raised over $21m in Venture Capital funding and now operates from the UK, US and China.

Using Incopro’s technology, you can ensure that:

  • Your consumers can trust online interactions with your brand;
  • You can be confident in maximising the digital market opportunity, without fear of bad actors stealing from your consumers and infringing your rights;
  • You can see what your consumer sees and know where you have genuine and authorised online channels and where others are seeking to deceive.

Incopro’s Talisman technology gives you the power to protect yourself online by constantly discovering and prioritising what’s important to your business, enabling you to act.


From an initial reliance on searching online using text only, Incopro now deploys 3 different image recognition technologies to find and visualise more of the harms that consumers see.


Incopro’s Professional Services team of analysts uses Talisman to deliver meaningful and lasting reductions.  To secure this impact, they must be able to prioritise. Incopro’s delivers a powerful tool to help brands discover the hidden connections (from Google analytics, social media profiles and IP address data) that expose the operators who are running business level operations targeting brands and consumers.


Much of what is found online can be removed fast using Incopro’s technology and professional services team. Where a deeper level investigation is required, Incopro’s team of investigators work closely with Wiggin to deliver the evidence that you need to take successful action.

Incopro Legal Network

And where action requires litigation, Wiggin is proud to be a founding member of the Incopro Legal Network – gathering together the best IP law firms in key territories around the world, ensuring that your business can secure expert advice and assistance on a global basis.