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On 21 June 2016, Ofcom published a statement that it had approved PhonepayPlus’ 14th Code of Practice (see item above).  PhonepayPlus has now published the final version, which will come into force on 12 July 2016.

The main changes to the Code relate to Part Four and specifically the investigations, adjudications and appeals procedures to support a more streamlined and less complex process.  PhonepayPlus has also added a limited grounds post-adjudication appeal to the text of the 14th Code.

PhonepayPlus’ Investigations and Sanctions Procedure is being replaced by new Supporting Procedures, which whilst not part of the Code, serve to support the enforcement process.

PhonepayPlus says that following engagement with key stakeholders, the Supporting Procedures have been updated and improved for clarity.  The Supporting Procedures will be kept under review and updated as appropriate.  To read PhonepayPlus’ press release in full and for a link to the 14th Code, click here.