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The PSA has published a statement following further consultation on Special condition ICSS 11. ICSS stands for Information, Connection and Signposting Services, which are services that offer call connection to various organisations, or provide information, advice and/or assistance relating to such organisations.

Special condition ICSS 11 states that consumers who call an ICSS must receive an alert at the start of the call, and sets out specific requirements this alert must meet.

The PSA consulted on all of its ICSS Special conditions in April 2019, and in October 2019 published its Statement on this. However, the PSA decided to re-consult on ICSS 11 specifically following detailed feedback from one respondent that said there was an alternative option that should be considered.

Following completion of this re-consultation, the PSA has decided to retain Special condition ICSS11, as set out in the October 2019 Statement. This form maintained the existing ICSS11 but required addition of the words, “followed by the words “plus your phone company’s access charge”” to ICSS 11(a)(i). Therefore, ICSS 11(a)(i) now reads:

“(a) Consumers must receive an alert at the start of the call before onward connection stating the following (in any order):

(i) the cost of the service per minute and/or per-call followed by the words “plus your phone company’s access charge”; …”

To read the PSA’s statement in full, click here.