HomeInsightsOfcom publishes statement on changes to the voluntary broadband speeds codes of practice to improve the information provided to customers and strengthen customers’ rights to exit


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Ofcom says that under its strengthened protections, people and businesses will get personalised broadband speed estimates they can trust from providers before they take out a new contract.

In March 2019, Ofcom made major changes to its broadband speeds codes of practice, so that broadband shoppers are given a minimum guaranteed speed before signing up to a new deal, are told what to expect during peak times when everyone’s online, and can walk away from their contract more easily if speeds drop below the guaranteed level.

Currently, this information is based on data from a group of customers whose properties have similar characteristics. For example, distance from the exchange or street cabinet, which can affect speed on copper lines. In future, many customers will get a speed estimate based on the capability of the line going into their individual house or office.

Implementing these changes will require providers to upgrade their systems. Companies that are signed up to the codes of practice have agreed to do this by 15 November 2020. To read Ofcom’s statement in full, click here.