Insights Ofcom publishes statement confirming its decision to amend the Wireless Telegraphy (Licensing Procedures) Regulations 2010.

The Regulations set out the procedures under which Ofcom determines applications for wireless telegraphy licences.

The amendments explained in the statement will result in the Wireless Telegraphy (Licensing Procedures) (Amendment) Regulations 2016.  

Ofcom’s statement also relates to its publication entitled the “Wireless Telegraphy Act Licensing (Terms, Provisions and Limitations)”, which includes a sample licence for each relevant class of licences, showing the terms, provisions and limitations that apply.

The changes cover the aeronautical, maritime and satellite services sectors, and bring these procedures into line with policy decisions taken since 2010.  They also remove requirements on prospective licensees to provide certain information that is no longer relevant within Ofcom’s current policies and practices.  To read Ofcom’s statement, click here.