Insights Ofcom extends deadline for responses to its Narrowband Market Review consultation


Ofcom plans to publish shortly a consultation on its review of the market for standalone landline telephone services.

Ofcom says that it recognises that stakeholders may wish to consider the interactions between its wholesale and retail proposals, particularly in relation to wholesale fixed analogue exchange lines (WFAEL) and wholesale call origination (WCO), before they finalise their responses to Ofcom’s December wholesale Narrowband Market Review consultation (on the proposed markets, market power determinations and remedies for wholesale call termination, wholesale call origination and wholesale narrowband access markets).  Ofcom is therefore extending the final deadline for submissions to that consultation to 29 March 2017.

Where possible, however, Ofcom is asking stakeholders to provide their responses to its proposals by the original closing date of 28 February 2017, particularly where they relate to the wholesale call termination, ISDN30 and ISDN2 markets.  To access Ofcom’s Narrowband Market Review consultation, click here.