HomeInsightsOfcom consults on its provisional decision to approve amended PhonepayPlus Code of Practice.


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Ofcom explains that consumers access interactive, premium rate services via their landline and mobile phones, computers and digital TV.  These are charged for via the customer’s telephone bill, and can range from receiving a daily horoscope to following football scores, voting in TV programmes, making charity text donations or downloading ringtones.

PhonepayPlus carries out the day-to-day regulation of UK premium rate services on Ofcom’s behalf, through its Code of Practice that establishes certain standards.

Following implementation of the current 13th Code of Practice on 1 July 2015, PhonepayPlus has carried out and completed a separate review of the enforcement procedures set out in Part 4 of that Code.  It has consulted on various changes to Part 4, which it has proposed should be introduced as part of a new 14th Code of Practice.  Having taken account of consultation responses, PhonepayPlus published a decision document and final version of the draft 14th Code of Practice on 10 March 2016, which it has submitted to Ofcom for approval.

Ofcom says that it is minded to approve the amended Code, having assessed it against the relevant legal tests, and is now inviting comments on its provisional decision.  The consultation closes on 25 April 2016.  To access the consultation documentation, click here.