Insights Ofcom consults on approval of Phone-Paid Services Authority’s new Code of Practice

Ofcom has published a consultation on approving the new edition of the PSA’s Code of Practice for regulating premium rate services.

Ofcom explains that it has overall responsibility to make sure that people who use premium rate services are protected, by ensuring appropriate rules are in place and enforced. To achieve this, Ofcom has designated the PSA to carry out the day-to-day regulation of these services, which it does by enforcing the rules set out in its Code of Practice.

Last year, the PSA carried out a major strategic review of its rules, to ensure they remain fit for purpose in the coming years. Any changes to the code must be approved by Ofcom before they can take effect. Ofcom says that it is minded to approve the changes the PSA has proposed.

The consultation closes on 11 June 2021, and Ofcom plans to publish its final decision later this year. To access the consultation, click here.