HomeInsightsOfcom announces new initiative to make it easier for communications customers to get better deals

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Ofcom says that it wants more people to shop around with confidence and take full advantage of the wide choice of competitive phone, broadband and pay-TV services on offer. This means helping people identify and secure the best deals for their needs and budgets, Ofcom says, whether by agreeing a new deal with their current provider, or finding an alternative one with a different provider.

Ofcom research shows that the proportion of “engaged” consumers, i.e. those who have actively switched, shopped around, or negotiated in the last two years, varies significantly across communication markets. Ofcom says that it is concerned that less-engaged consumers may be paying higher prices, as providers often target their best offers and discounts at those who negotiate or switch.

Ofcom has published a call for inputs, outlining three potential reasons why some people fail to shop around, and possible measures to address them. Ofcom is inviting views from the public, consumer groups and companies. Responses are invited by 15 September 2017.

Having considered the results and wider feedback, Ofcom expects to announce any next steps for increasing engagement in Spring next year. It then intends to conduct “real-world” trials of possible measures to test how effective they are in changing people’s behaviour. For further information, click here.