HomeInsightsOfcom and Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) announce that responsibility for regulating phone-paid services is likely to be transferred to Ofcom


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Ofcom and the PSA have announced that, subject to further DCMS approval, Ofcom is likely to be taking over regulation of phone-paid services from the PSA. The regulators says that the move follows long-term market trends and the current low levels of consumer harm in this area. The proposal was put forward by the PSA Board.

The regulators say that the PSA joining Ofcom provides an opportunity for both organisations to address future challenges as the market develops. The move will involve current PSA colleagues transferring to Ofcom.

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Nadine Dorries, has given provisional approval for the PSA and Ofcom to be brought together. This will include a statutory process and related consultation later in 2022 and will be subject to final approval by the DCMS Secretary of State.

It is anticipated that Ofcom will assume responsibility for regulation in the second half of 2023. To read Ofcom’s press release in full, click here.