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Following its 2019 .uk Policy Consultation, Nominet has decided to implement a more transparent process for informing registrars and the wider public when an expired domain name will be made available for re-registration. Nominet is also considering different methods for releasing highly desired expired domains that are contested (i.e. there are multiple parties seeking to register the domain name).

The consultation comprises two areas for input:

  1. i) whether domains should be made available for re-registration throughout the day at a specific point in time, based on the time stamp for the original registration, or be released at a specified single point in time, say 2pm every day; and
  2. ii) since a very small minority of domains are intensely contested with multiple parties interested in re-registration, whether to alter the way in which Nominet release these domains. The options proposed are: (i) auction model – two variations; and (ii) economically controlled access to expiring domains.

All stakeholders can submit consultation responses by 14 August 2020. All stakeholders are also invited to attend a virtual roundtable to discuss these issues on Tuesday 11 August 2020. Register at www.nominet.uk/roundtable. To read Nominet’s press release in full and for access to the consultation, click here.