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Annabella Coldrick, Chief Executive, MMF said: “Whatever follows on from the hung parliament and potential minority government, one thing we can take comfort from is that the Conservatives and Labour were very specific in their manifesto commitments to ensure that content creators are appropriately rewarded for the content they make available online.

Ms Coldrick made clear that that is “the MMF’s priority too” and, along with other creator representative bodies, “we will be re-doubling our lobbying efforts with the UK Government to tackle the lack of transparency in the digital marketplace.” At the same time as addressing the Value Gap, the industry must “change the NDA culture that denies artists, songwriters, composers and musicians not just clarity, but fair digital remuneration”, Ms Coldrick said.

In addition, Ms Coldrick said, “both parties have publicly committed to ensure the revised law on ticket touting is now properly enforced” and that the MMF looks forward to working with the new government and the CMA to “make sure this happens.

In the MMF’s view, “it is imperative that we fix these fundamentals for both the live and recorded business, restoring the connection from audience to artist, to properly reward the creative talent on whose shoulders our entire business sits.” To read the MMF press release, click here.