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ISPA stressed that it condemns the London terrorist attacks that took place on 3 June 2017 and that its “thoughts are with the victims and their families.

ISPA also stressed that the internet industry “takes this issue very seriously, and together with relevant authorities and civil society, continually looks to improve processes and ways of removing content.” In fact, it says, “Significant steps have been taken over recent months and years to limit the ability of terrorists to misuse the internet and social media.

ISPA says that, in its view, “The UK Government and the security services already have substantial powers in this area and the Internet industry complies with the laws and regulations in the UK and elsewhere.” When considering the need for more powers to regulate the internet, ISPA says that policymakers need to be “fully aware of the effectiveness of existing powers, resources to deal with the threat and the impact any new measures may have, including unintended consequences that could undermine our defences – for instance the weakening of cyber security.

In ISPA’s vies, “Technology is only one part of the wider approach to dealing with radicalisation, which is a complex international challenge that requires an international response.” To read ISPA’s statement, click here.