Insights Government publishes strategy for tackling intellectual property infringement for next four years.

The strategy sets out how the Government will make effective, proportionate and accessible enforcement of IP rights a priority for the next four years.

The Government says that the UK has been independently assessed as a world leader in enforcement.  The strategy explains how the Government intends to retain this status and ensure that UK rights holders are able to protect rights effectively both at home and abroad.

The Government’s core strategic ambitions are to ensure that:

  • UK businesses, including small businesses, are more confident in operating internationally as a result of better IP protection;
  • rights owners and rights users have access to proportionate and effective mechanisms to resolve disputes and tackle IP infringement; and
  • consumers and users are educated to the benefits of respecting IP rights, and do so.

To deliver all this the Government says that it will continue to work with its domestic and international partners from industry, law enforcement and government, to address the multiple and growing challenges posed by IP infringement and counterfeiting.  To access the strategy document, click here.