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The EDPS explains that EU institutions and bodies deal with a wide variety of personal data, and often in complex ways. EU law requires that they are able to ensure, verify and demonstrate compliance with data protection rules when handling this data. According to a survey published by the EDPS, there has been continuous and steady progress in the way that they deliver on this obligation.

As part of its efforts to ensure compliance, every two years the EDPS conducts a Survey of all EU institutions under its supervision, focusing on selected data protection topics. For this edition, it surveyed 64 EU institutions on the state of their registers and inventories of processing operations and several other compliance aspects, such as the increasing number of data transfers to third countries.

Although the EDPS Survey is technical in nature and focuses on formalities, it provides the EDPS says that it provides valuable information to assess trends, promotes transparency and feeds into the choices the EDPS makes regarding its supervision and enforcement activities. In line with the EDPS enforcement policy, the EDPS says that it publishes the report in order to encourage greater accountability on the part of EU institutions in their compliance with data protection rules. To read the EDPS press release in full and to access the survey results, click here.