Insights European Commission publishes report on public consultation on internet speed and quality beyond 2020

The Commission’s analysis of the responses to the consultation confirms the preliminary trends, namely that the use of internet services and applications is expected to increase dramatically by 2025 and that policy measures are required to support the development of infrastructure in line with respondents’ perceived future needs.

In terms of internet speed and quality, a number of further trends were observed:

  • a majority of respondents said they will need Gigabit and low latency fixed connectivity by 2025;
  • the dynamics and patterns of mobile connectivity use make the speed of data flow and quality of features increasingly important;
  • there was a high correlation between respondents who were dissatisfied and pessimistic about current and/or anticipated future network provision and those that resided in rural areas;
  • organisations expect more from the future use of the internet than individuals do.

To access the Commission’s report, click here.