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The Creative Industries Federation is calling on political parties to “show greater leadership in determining our future relationship with the EU”. This comes after a conference season in which the Conservatives and Labour “failed to address the key issue of our time”, the Federation says.

The Federation notes that in her speech, the Prime Minister reiterated her pledge to develop a “deep and special partnership” with Europe and her “commitments to EU citizens who live and work in the UK”.  Theresa May pledged to create a global trading Britain and described British business as the “envy of the world”.  However, the Federation says, “she provided no new detail that will reassure those businesses that the government has a grip on the Brexit process.”

According to the Federation, the Prime Minister made no new commitments to demonstrate that ministers are putting jobs and growth first.  “Creative businesses are deeply concerned by a consistent failure to prioritise the education and skills needs of the sector. They are also disappointed that the two main parties continue to ignore the issue of retaining and attracting top international talent post-Brexit”, the Federation says.

The Federation is also calling on Labour to “come off the fence of “constructive ambiguity” and take principled positions in the crucial months to come.”

The creative industries have been the UK’s fastest growing sector for the past decade, the Federation says, with employment growing at nearly four times the rate of the general economy.  “Our arts and overall creative endeavour are central to the UK’s global image. They are at the heart of the regeneration of towns and cities, and, together with digital and science, they form the bedrock of the country’s future success”, the Federation concludes.  To read the Federation’s press release, click here.