HomeInsightsCompetition and Markets Authority (CMA) consults on launching market investigation reference into supply of mobile browsers and browser engines and distribution of cloud gaming services through app stores on mobile devices


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Following publication of its final report on its market study into mobile ecosystems, the CMA is consulting on a proposed market investigation reference (MIR) into the supply of web browsers and browser engines on mobile devices, and the distribution of cloud gaming services through app stores on mobile devices. The CMA says that this decision follows multiple calls for further direct action by the CMA since publication of its market study interim report in December 2021, along with the CMA’s updated understanding of the potential timing of legislation to place the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) on a statutory footing.

The proposed MIR offers the opportunity to address issues in both mobile browsers and cloud gaming, in particular restrictions limiting disruptive innovation and new entrants, and their expansion, in these markets. The CMA says that the proposed MIR provides it with an opportunity to influence future and growing markets, paving the way for strong UK innovation and growth.

The document starts by explaining the reasons why the CMA has decided to consult on an MIR at this stage, the proposed scope of the market investigation, and the main competition concerns that it would seek to address. It then sets out the case for an MIR with reference to the legal framework and the CMA’s guidance. The consultation is open until 22 July 2022. To access the consultation, click here.