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CAP has launched Promotional Marketing, a new CAP eLearning module designed to provide marketing, advertising and compliance professionals with all of the knowledge they need to run effective and compliant promotions from prize draws and competitions to sales and discounts.

CAP says that the “Promotional Marketing” section is one of the most downloaded sections of the Advertising Codes, and one of the areas that its Copy Advice team receives the most questions on.

Developed by the experts who write the Codes, the new eLearning module will walk users through how to create promotions that stick to the rules from start to finish. It uses real-life rulings to illustrate how and when the rules apply to different kinds of promotions.

The module covers:

What is a promotion? — this section provides an overview of key promotions rules, including availability, terms & conditions and abuse;

What kind of promotion are you running? — this section covers the important rules for specific types of promotions, including prize draws, competitions, price promotions and gift promotions; and

Other promotions rules — this section covers any other rules the user needs to know to run a compliant promotion.

To read CAP’s announcement and for a link to the module, click here.