HomeInsightsClarity for brands as watchdogs say they must be transparent when dealing with vloggers


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The ASA and CAP have published comprehensive guidelines explaining how brands should partner with vloggers to promote their products. Successful vloggers have millions of followers and have become prime targets for brands seeking to advertise their products online.  Top UK vlogger Zoella is reported to have earned more than £300,000 by naming brands or products in her vlog.  However, major household brands such as Procter & Gamble and Oreo have got into trouble for not being clear that they had partnered with vloggers recently. In a move that has been welcomed by both brands and vloggers, the advertising watchdogs have published guidelines which provide advice on the following eight scenarios:

  • Online marketing collaborations
  • Advertorial-style vlogs
  • Commercial breaks within vlogs
  • Product placements
  • Vloggers’ videos about their own products
  • Editorial videos referring to vloggers’ products
  • Sponsorship
  • Free items.

The advice is available on this link.