Insights Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation publishes beta version of its Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) adoption guide

The PETs adoption guide is an interactive tool designed to aid decision-making around the use of PETs in data-driven projects.

The CDEI explains that the core component of the adoption guide is a question and answer-based decision tree, which seeks to support decision-making around the use of PETs by helping the user to explore which technologies could be beneficial to their use-case. It poses a series of questions relating to the sensitivity of data, how it is stored and accessed, and how it is intended to be used. The adoption guide also provides background on what PETs are, and the opportunities they present, as well as a repository of real-world use-cases, and a catalogue of additional resources for further reading.

Over the next few months, the CDEI says that it will be gathering feedback on its adoption guide and conducting usability tests to maximise its relevance and usefulness to developers and practitioners, with a view to publishing a final version later in the year, after incorporating the feedback it receives. Additionally, it aims to supplement the repository of real-world use-cases, which it hopes will prove a useful resource for organisations seeking to leverage PETs, and enable them to learn from others in the community.

The CDEI is asking for examples of use-cases to add to its collection of real-world use-cases in the adoption guide. To access the CDEI’s adoption guide and for a link to the form to complete if you wish to submit a real-world use-case, click here.