Expertise Investigations

In a global and online environment, bad actors impacting on your IP work hard to remain hidden. When you find and take action against them, it can be hard to know whether you have made an impact.

Wiggin founded Incopro to develop the technology needed to ensure that you can gain a complete picture on how your IP is being misused.

Working with Incopro’s technology and team of investigators, we will collate and provide actionable data and intelligence to ensure that your IP enforcement strategy is targeted and effective.

  • Technology tracks misuse of IP on a global scale across the online environment.
  • The investigative team works with a worldwide network of test purchase partners to deliver the evidence needed to remove these bad actors both online and offline.

Investigation reporting

Investigative reports will be tailored to your specific needs with pinpoint focus on platforms, individual infringing entities, or specific regions. Investigative reports are developed by skilled investigators.  They are the key resource for building intelligence and connecting online-to-offline information about the identity and location of operators at the heart of infringer networks and website operations.

Threat assessment

Incopro’s technology provides a threat assessment enabling you to assess where your business is suffering the most harm and ensuring that you can tackle the specific website, social media profile, or marketplace account that will have the most impact. Used to document the scope and size of a site operator’s online activities or as a precursor to a deeper investigation.

Networks investigation

Incopro’s network intelligence technology provides you with a complete and constantly updated picture on the full size and scope of a criminal network, along with sophisticated intelligence about the location and identity of the individuals and organizations behind them.

Custom investigation

As well as data driven understanding, we work with Incopro’s investigators to deliver bespoke reports on IP challenges that require tracing of unique geographical issues or research into historical usage of IP to determine fair use.

Global test purchase and investigate network

The Incopro team maintains a growing global test purchase and on-the-ground investigative network. Test purchases are used for two critical purposes:


A scaled-down online test purchase designed to gather intelligence about the seller and/or the advertised product.


Documentation of online test purchase designed to support litigation. Includes screenshots of purchase, along with photos of the received item.

Incopro also offers evidential test purchases for litigation at higher standards, including in regions such as China.

Site blocking and intelligence

Our Rights Protection team works closely with the technology and service team at Incopro to provide you with a one stop service to support co-ordinated action to block access to piracy websites:

  • Identify the top websites affecting your rights;
  • Build the evidence required by the Court to assess the steps to be taken against the site;
  • Apply to Court for scalable Orders to protect your rights;
  • Measure the effect of action and determine your next steps.

Legal expertise adds value to investigations

Our IP team is expert at taking the intelligence gathered by Incopro and translating that into evidence to be used in litigation or to support further action in other territories (either through the courts or in conjunction with the police).