Online enforcement

Wiggin is a leader in rights protection in the digital world, winning the most significant UK cases concerning the protection of IP online. We understand this space: rights must be protected globally with adaptable, intelligence- led solutions and enforcement strategies.

We constantly challenge established thinking to develop the law around online enforcement.

Unrivalled experience

  • Setting key legal precedents for applying copyright laws to the online environment (including the “Newzbin” cases)
  • Establishing and developing site blocking as an effective means of addressing online piracy
  • Advising on legislative developments concerning intermediary liability in multiple jurisdictions around the world, including at the EU level
  • Co-ordinating multi-jurisdictional IP enforcement actions
  • Successfully representing content owners in complex actions against unlicensed online services
  • Pioneering online strategies to combat counterfeit goods

A comprehensive approach

Tackling online infringement requires a comprehensive and multi-pronged approach. Tailoring enforcement strategies to target key offenders and vital intermediaries is crucial to achieve a meaningful reduction in IP infringements.

Our services include:

  • Developing anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting strategies
  • Developing strategies for tackling online fraud and brand misuse
  • Advising on intermediary liability, platform responsibility and the applicability of the “safe harbour” defences
  • Site blocking and securing other forms of intermediary injunctions, including multi-territorial enforcement
  • Civil litigation, including complex IP infringement cases
  • Securing intelligence on online infringers through disclosure actions and third party partnerships
  • Criminal enforcement actions, including preparing evidence to support cases referred to the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)
  • Domain name complaints
  • Developing strategies to shape legislative reform initiatives at the national and EU levels – as well as further afield

Access to cutting edge technologies

By being smart with technology, we deliver legal services more efficiently and provide intelligence-led data to inform any online enforcement strategy. Our experts are supported by INCOPRO Limited, a technology company we set up in 2012.

With access to INCOPRO’s online content protection technologies we provide:

  • Technology supported online brand protection
  • Content protection intelligence and tracking of the ever-evolving piracy landscape
  • Site blocking intelligence – both to identify targets and to measure the efficacy of court orders
  • Advertising monitoring to ensure your brand is not appearing in advertisements placed on undesirable locations

EU level and global solutions

Our Brussels office forms an integral part of our online enforcement practice. It provides legal advice on legislative and policy initiatives affecting IP enforcement, and in respect of enforcement-related matters before the European Court of Justice. This enables impactful lobbying of EU decision makers.

With Wiggin’s best-in-class relationships with law firms in almost every jurisdiction, we can effect seamless global action on similar initiatives around the world.