Press Releases Wiggin supports City Century initiative to increase number of solicitor apprentices

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City Century, a CLLS-led collaboration between over 50 City law firms to significantly increase the number of solicitor apprentices entering the City of London, officially launched on Social Mobility Day.

City Century is a career-creation collaboration that allows talented candidates to qualify as solicitors through the solicitor apprentice route studying alongside working as a credible alternative to the traditional full-time university route.

This allows a wider pool of aspiring lawyers to access great City legal careers, gaining invaluable working insights from within their employers as they gain their legal qualifications.

Candidates will gain a law degree and both parts of the Solicitors Qualification Exam, becoming solicitors after six years of work and study.

Wiggin will employ its first solicitor cohort in September 2024 and looks forward to collaborating with other employers to grow this qualification route.

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