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Simon Smith


Simon has a wealth of experience in regulatory affairs, most recently having spent 16 years in Asia heading regulatory affairs in a number of companies.

“I’ve been responsible for a very diverse portfolio, including a Joint Venture in China as well as licensees in India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.  During this time, I  handled a wide range of issues, such as obtaining carrier licences in India, seeking approval in Singapore and the US for the Telstra merger with Pacnet, obtaining permits in various jurisdictions for engineers to move about during Covid lockdowns and obtaining permits for cable ships to undertake submarine cable repairs.

Whilst working as a consultant, I worked on the regulatory section of a feasibility study for the second Telecom licence in Bahrain which resulted in the successful application for Kalaam Telecom, successfully steered through a recommendation at the ITU on the financial arrangements for mobile satellites with PSTN networks and has represented the Government of Grenada at CITEL, the telecoms area of the Organisation of American States”.

Simon has been elected to the Board of the Asia Pacific Carriers Coalition (APCC) continuously over 10 years, either as President or Vice President. The APCC is the foremost Telecoms Trade association in Asia, including AT&T, BT, Deutsche Telekom, Lumen, Orange and Verizon.