Insights Techtastic technology news digest – 06 June 2017

Welcome again to our rundown of the tech highlights this week – both big (in fact, literally huge) as well as the more obscure things you may just have missed.

But before all that, we again sadly find ourselves releasing this edition shortly after another terrorist attack and again our thoughts are with all of those affected.  Security has become a major issue in the run up to Thursday’s election with encryption and regulation taking centre stage again.  Social platforms were quick to respond to the weekend’s events highlighting their recent efforts to curb terrorist use on their platforms, but it’s now such a political hot potato it seems inevitable to us that a new government will seek to legislate.  Whatever happens on Thursday and beyond, we’ll be there to update you with developments.

Of course, nothing can really stop innovation, so here’s our usual round up of the fun, the new and the mighty in tech – expect rockets propelled from mid-air, innovative and disruptive broadcasting and some VR with the Underwoods. Read more…