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As reported in last week’s N2K, on 5 July 2018 MEPs voted on the Copyright Directive, rejecting the process whereby the European Union Council, Commission and Parliament would begin to negotiate a final text for passage into law.

Robert Ashcroft, Chief Executive, PRS for Music, said that it was “perhaps unsurprising” considering the “unprecedented level of lobbying and the comprehensive campaign of misinformation”, which accompanied the vote that MEPs want more time to consider the proposals.  According to Mr Ashcroft, the vote showed that many MEPs across the various European political parties understand the importance of fixing the transfer of value and of a well-functioning market for copyright. “We appreciate their support and hope that as we move forward to the Plenary debate in September, more MEPs will recognise the unique opportunity to secure the EU’s creative industries”, Mr Ashcroft said.

Mr Ashcroft reiterated that, from the outset, PRS for Music’s primary focus concerned whether or not the internet functions as a fair and efficient marketplace.  Currently, “for artists and authors, it doesn’t”, Mr Ashcroft said.  “They want their creative works to be heard, they embrace technology, but they want to be paid fairly. We will continue to fight for what we believe is their freedom and a fair use of their creative works.” Mr Ashcroft concluded.  To read PRS for Music’s statement in full, click here.