Insights Ofcom publishes simplified guidance on its new electromagnetic fields (EMF) licence condition


On 1 March 2021, Ofcom published an update on the new condition it is proposing to apply to spectrum licence holders using equipment that can transmit at power levels higher than 10 Watts EIRP (or 6.1 Watts ERP). Ofcom also published detailed guidance on how licensees can ensure they comply with the new condition as well as an updated version of its EMF calculator, which helps licensees assess their compliance.

Ofcom has now also published simplified guidance for spectrum licensees including:

  • simplified guidance for all spectrum users;
  • additional guidance for maritime radio users; and
  • additional guidance for amateur radio users.

The update includes tailored guidance for specific radio users designed to help them comply with the new licence condition. It also includes instructions on how to use the EMF calculator. The guidance is currently in draft form and Ofcom welcomes feedback on the documents by 16 April 2021.