Insights Ofcom publishes Making Sense of Media Annual Plan for 2023/24

Ofcom has a formal duty to promote media literacy, which it recognises is crucial in helping to build a safer life online.

Ofcom explains that media literacy is about people and platforms. Being media literate empowers people to become informed digital decision-makers, to identify and protect themselves and others against harmful content, and most importantly to flourish online, the regulator says.

The aim is for Ofcom’s media literacy programme to complement its new regulatory powers once the Online Safety Bill is enacted. The regulator is currently working with a range of platforms to create best practice principles by design, which has the potential to support the media literacy of all users.

This year Ofcom is focused on supporting people in underserved communities, enabling the sector to better understand what works and encouraging platforms to design in media literacy and to fund more initiatives in communities.

The Annual Plan for 2023/24, sets out Ofcom’s approach to online media literacy, the progress it has made since it published its Approach to Media Literacy in December 2021 and its plans and priorities for the coming year.

Ofcom is inviting thoughts and feedback on the plan by emailing To access the Annual Plan 2023/24, click here.