Insights Ofcom publishes Call for Inputs on review of rules for mandatory daytime PIN protections for certain films.

Rule 1.24 of the Broadcasting Code allows for 15-rated films to be broadcast during the day on subscription film channels if mandatory PIN protection is in place.  Mandatory PIN protection cannot be removed by the user and restricts access solely to those authorised to view.

Ofcom is seeking views on whether the existing rule should be reviewed in light of technological advances and if it continues to benefit viewers and industry.  Specifically, Ofcom is considering whether broadcasters should be allowed to show a wider variety of content more suitable for adults before the watershed, provided that a mandatory PIN protection system is in place.

Responses will inform any proposals that may be consulted on later this year.  Final date for comments is 21 April 2016.  To access the Call for Inputs documentation, click here.