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As Ofcom prepares for the next World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) of the International Telecommunication Union in 2023, it is inviting views to develop the UK’s position on potential updates to the Radio Regulations, an international treaty which contains rules and coordination arrangements covering all the different uses of spectrum.

Ofcom explains that WRCs are held approximately every four years, and they set the framework for how spectrum is used, throughout the world, for years to come. As a result, Ofcom says, it is important the UK’s voice is heard to ensure the future wireless needs of consumers and businesses are considered as part of this process. The next conference will take place between 20 November and 15 December 2023.

Ofcom represents the UK at WRCs, and has published a Call for Input, which highlights the key issues to be discussed at WRC-23 and explains why they matter to the UK. It also sets out Ofcom’s early thinking on the outcomes it would like to achieve.

Issues on the agenda at WRC-23 include the future of the UHF band currently used by digital television, and whether additional spectrum is required for mobile broadband to support future generations of mobile technology. The Call for Input closes on 29 September 2022. To access the Call for Input, click here.