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Ofcom is proposing changes to the spectrum trading and register Regulations.

In July Ofcom announced two new types of spectrum licences as part of its new spectrum sharing approach: the Local Access Licence and the Shared Access Licence.

Under the spectrum-sharing framework, spectrum is available for local use by a range of organisations, such as small businesses or start-up firms. The sharing framework will help more organisations access the spectrum they need to support wireless services and innovation.

Ofcom is now consulting on amending the Wireless Telegraphy (Spectrum Trading) Regulations 2012 and the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Spectrum Trading) Regulations 2011, to allow for the trading and transfer of Local Access and Shared Access Licences. The trading arrangements proposed by Ofcom are similar to the current trading arrangements for holders of other spectrum licences.

Ofcom is also consulting on amending the Wireless Telegraphy (Register) Regulations 2012 to enable it to publish information about these licences.

The consultation closes at 5pm on 3 December 2019. To access the consultation, click here.