Insights Ofcom confirms new licence condition for spectrum licensees

Ofcom has confirmed a new licence condition that now applies to the vast majority of spectrum licensees. Ofcom explains that the changes mean most licensees will need to take action to ensure their equipment operates within international guidelines on electromagnetic fields (EMF) for the protection of the general public. Most licensees will also need to keep records demonstrating their compliance.

Following the publication of its policy statement on EMF in October 2020, Ofcom wrote to licensees in March 2021 to inform them of its proposals. Ofcom says that it has considered licensees’ feedback carefully and made some changes to the new licence condition and guidance documents. It has now published full details of its final decision on the licence condition.

Ofcom has also published guidance on what licensees should do and how long they have to ensure compliance, which is dependent on the frequencies they are using. Ofcom’s EMF compliance flowchart tells licensees whether or not they need to take action and, if they do, what action is needed.

A simplified version of the full guidance and specific advice for holders of amateur, ship radio and aeronautical licences will be published next month.

Ofcom says that it will shortly be writing to affected licensees to inform them of its final decision and provide a replacement/update for their current licence. For further information, click here.