HomeInsightsOfcom confirms additional funding to support eligible owners of PMSE equipment as part of its 700 MHz band clearance programme


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The 700 MHz spectrum band is currently used by digital terrestrial TV and by Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) equipment, such as wireless microphones. The band is being cleared so the airwaves can be used to improve mobile services.

Ofcom has published a review of progress during 2018 and confirms that, and the timescale to complete the programme. The clearance work during 2018 has progressed as planned, and the programme is on track to be completed by May 2020.

Ofcom has also confirmed additional funding to support eligible owners of PMSE equipment who currently use the 700 MHz band.

In August 2018 Ofcom announced details of a funding scheme that will see eligible PMSE equipment owners receive at least 60% of the estimated cost of replacing their equipment. It also consulted on plans to award claimants a further 5% of the cost of replacing their equipment to help meet additional costs they face as a result of participating in the PMSE funding scheme.

After considering responses to the consultation, Ofcom has decided to increase the amount of additional funding equipment owners will receive to 10%. Further details on how to register for the funding scheme will be available early next year. To read Ofcom’s announcement in full, click here.