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Ofcom has announced that owners of wireless programme making and special events (PMSE) equipment can now register for funding to help cover the costs of replacing their equipment, due to the 700 MHz clearance programme.

The 700 MHz spectrum band is currently used for Freeview television and PMSE equipment such as wireless microphones, but is being cleared so it can be used to help improve mobile coverage. Last year, Ofcom confirmed details of a Government-backed funding scheme to support PMSE equipment owners who will be unable to use their existing equipment after the band is cleared.

Eligible PMSE equipment owners can now register for funding on the Ofcom Claims Management System. Managed by Equiniti on Ofcom’s behalf, this new online portal provides all the information claimants need to register their equipment and submit their claim. Further guidance and contact details for assistance are also available on the site.

Those claiming for funding through the scheme will need to submit their claims on the portal by 26 April 2019. To access the portal, click here.